FAQ – Mrs India Divas


What is the philosophy  of our Pageant?

The philosophy  of our pageant is to encourage women empowerment and promote our cultural heritage. We provide a genuine and fair platform for the Divas to showcase their talent and live their dreams. This pageant journey will make you more confident, more poised and presentable. And will help you realize your true potential.

Who can participate in this beauty pageant?

All the Indian, Natural Born female  ,NRI/PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin) Married , Divorced, Widowed ,Saperated ladies with or without children and , Single Mother can participate in Mrs /Mrs Classic / Ms category .

What is Age Criteria to participate in this pageant?

The age criteria starts from  18 + years and has no Maximum age limitations. It is divided into different  categories MS /MRS & MRS CLASSIC.

What is the process of Registration?

The process of registration is to fill the entry form and submit online with the registration fees and two of your photographs, one full and one head shot.

How much is the Registration Fees?

The registration fees for National / State is Rs 1500 and needs to be submitted with the registration form to confirm your registration.

What is the next step after Registration?

The next step is the Audition. You will be informed about the Audition details via email or text message on your registered email ID or mobile number.

Is there any fees after  Registration Fees?

Till the Auditions there is no fees . If you will select in audition for Nationals or for State Finale( If any )then there will be a grooming charges . for both States(if any) and Nationals.

What is the next step after Auditions?

The selected contestants from the Auditions will participate in The State /or The National  Grand Finale on the basis of pageant terms and conditions. They will be groomed and trained by International Experts for three to five  days and will be judged on the basis of their performance in different rounds in the Grand Finale. 

Do you need to submit the professional photographs with the registration form?

No. You can submit the photographs clicked with your mobile camera also.But Latteron you have to submit Professional pictures for Digital Magzine / Coffee Table Book  

What rounds will there in the National / GRAND FINALE?

There will be different rounds like introduction round, Talent round, Table Interview round, Traditional round, Creative round, Sports round,   evening wear round etc .NO SWIM WEAR ROUND

What rounds will there in the State finale?

There will be different rounds like introduction round, Talent round, Traditional round, Question Answer, evening wear round etc .NO SWIM WEAR ROUND

Who can enroll for  An International pageant ?

 We Have Good News ,Not Only Winners but  All Top 10 Finilists can represent India Or Asia  on international platforms.Internatinal Fees will be accordingly.

When and where will be Held the National / GRAND FINALE?

The National/Grand Finale will be in (Tentetive)  October  At Delhi  in India.

What is the WINNING PRIZE for all category  ?

The winners will be rewarded with a Crown, Sash and surprising gifts. And Sponsors  prizes accrdingly including cash Prize ,

Is it Mendetory to Participate in state pageant?

As Of now it is not mendetory to participate in state pageant you can enroll directly for Mrs India Diva also .

Which are the benefits we will get ? Or What facelities organizers will provide to the contestants ?

Four days stay,food, Hospitality ,Grooming  & Training ,Professional Portfolio ,Reality based Webseris in National,Hair and Makeup for Finale ,International Platforms in Beauty Pageant ,International Platforms in Fashion week ,Crown, sash and Certificates ,Sub titles for every participants In National,One assured Brand Photoshoot In National,Gift and Cash Price From the Sponsors 


Where You can enroll for  An International pageant ?

We are International Director for  9  international beauty pageants  Along with our own International Beauty pageant , All Finilists can represent India Or Asia  on international platforms.

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Mrs World

Mrs Universe

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Mrs Millennium universe

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